A lifestyle of Japanese.

I think that Japan is a large amount of country compactly.
But I am troubled very much now. I think that it is a country losing confidence. I have uneasiness and live on all living from hand to mouth while being a country proud of a big population scale. Daily life is over by inertia of crying how. There are many such people.
Though both a Japanese and a Chinese have many people minding honor, there are many people preventing, if anything, it from showing a lot of a showy person, the Japanese as for the Chinese if possible. Anyway, a Japanese is uneasy, and there is no help for it. There is a vast saving person for the uneasiness of the old age. Though I think that the one that I used while I live is happy, I possess it at the time of what-if and do not use it. Because there is the money that it uses only it to spend illogical medical expenses right before I die.
I think that the Japanese can do a more various thing if I can get rid of this uneasiness. I think that managers running the government and a bureaucrat of the Japanese Government, a Japanese company suffer from a mental disease. The negative spiral that uneasiness produces uneasiness continues all the time.
After all I think the cause that a lifestyle has it. The lifestyle to act of Japanese is abnormal. I leave the house early in the morning and get on a commuter train more than one hour and work overtime until work is over about a company and I am jolted in trains more than it again for one hour and return to the house. It is not unusual to support the family at about 22:00 from 21:00. I will live every day without watching the sun. Though I am used, I think that after all it is abnormal. There is very little time when oneself becomes free. Anyone is in an abnormal condition in this and suffers from a mental disease. A level of nation disease already includes it.
However, a place thinking that oneself are normal individualizes Japanese extraordinariness.
Then what is the solution? You should stop such a lifestyle. I work with responsibility to like it and make money to like it. It may be that this is the most important for a Japanese. But then only it should help each other each other because I may not readily get along well. So I think so that it is what is demanded from the present Japanese to give a result.
I want to spread more Japanese. I should come to be able to speak Japanese regardless of nationality. Japanese hides the power only for it, and there is the ability for coined word still more, too. The words are property for a race. I want to spread it in Asia more. Therefore I intend to scratch a lot of simpler sentences. I intend to write Japanese for the world if I say exaggeratedly.

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