It became care person and lost the thing which I got

I was care person if I noticed. Oh, even Mullah is not Euler in Bemular either and seems to say care person.

There seems to be association of Japanese care person, too.
care person has a person needing care in everyday life close and says people supporting it. I seem to be care person somehow or other. There is the person whom I reminded of it. It is hard to be serious.
I cannot talk about the contents of the care. Because it is to belong to privacy. But will I talk as far as I can show it? It is one factor that a wall of this privacy corners care person in. Because it shows appearances commonly. It may be to but be devoted to care to see it commonly. It is 15 years after the long long care life reached switch. This almost overlaps with my occupation life. In fact, it is not so clear how long it became care person. Such as about 19 years old feel like, and feel so. The role as the balancer in the family just founded a way to care person all too soon. That means, I think that I may say.

“My normal did not have the normal of the world”.

Continue being worn out for the role in families, and is proper; was not able to find a job. I found a job once, but stopped it in just a little over one year. I did not turn and was not able to have passion toward work. There was not energy anymore. This may be a simple excuse. Because I shook off a family if I appeared in the society and was able to find a job. But I was not able to speak it. It will be the first minus of this having been care person. It leaves a trail in now, but is unavoidable.
There was the encounter with the wife 15 years ago. The encounter of 25-year-old me and wife who came down helplessly. I think that I changed slowly slowly from there. Anyway, whatever you do, it takes time. I think that, as a result, it would change one’s heart.

As a temporary worker of the social welfare corporation, I worked as a member of support of the mentally-disabled person once. It was quite fun, but a salary was low and it was temporary and said to the last that it was a filler before looking for a proper workplace. Therefore I challenged it from there. As a result, I failed. Because it was employing mercenaries business as the irregular employment, I am fired if work disappears even if I give a result to a cuttlefish. By Lehman shock of 2009, it became running out of a contract tragically. There is no security as ever. care person does not have money. I am short fatally. After all this will become do not have place social understanding clogged up.

I work by work of the care from there approximately eight and a half years and lead in now. The workplace is changed. The present job is the third.

The one which continues working of the care thinks that this will be because there is a base as care person somehow or other. Because I do it almost every day even if walk assistance one thinks about a very barrier-free route when going out, a difference appears with the person doing only work of the care. But I of I may be saved in its own right because the know-how obtained in the workplace is usable in a house. You may think about this in a plus. There are various changes in 15 years. As for the barrier-free facilities as for the reaction of the world. I may vividly feel it.

After all the necessary thing thinks whether it is existence of the work that I can earn while caring for care person. Because the barrier-free facilities were set considerably, there is quite much that it is possible for “solution on Friday”. But, by the present Japanese system, the human being who cannot participate in membership is removed automatically. Japan is a reason to be said to be huge irregularity society. In other words it is social ostracism from a beginning. There is not to be me in the world public anymore. It may be comfortable, but after all may be troubled in its own right. It becomes the premise that a family takes care of the welfare system of this country. I give the service that it is hard to use and come true and think that it will be the biggest cause. There is the ideology called the simple family, and all the things against it think that it lays distress of care person to support.

If it is the principle of application because the welfare system is a government office and does not take out SOS, nothing moves. This is an element tormenting care person again. There would not be it without a suit even if I took any disadvantage. This is terrible; hand giving up. A bad smell rises even if I died in loneliness and is left unattended without the suit from the neighborhood. There is the man of the prime of life in particular beyond the welfare system of this country. It may be that there is freedom to die by the roadside.

It is that there is a lot of danger that care person is removed easily, and enters the lonely air pocket. Therefore I think the action to have to go carefully.
As for my life, I reached a turn-round. Double care is waiting to the destination. It is the future when I cannot move this and the certainty is high. I throw all away and escape or will come over unless I do whether you die. I make preparations appropriate as possible and want to prove right. It may be intellect , contingency of the double care whether it begins if I think.

I am enriched, and can you shelve whether you finish the life as a victim? It depends on action in the future.

I did such a quiet readiness in morning of the new moon.

A lifestyle of Japanese.

I think that Japan is a large amount of country compactly.
But I am troubled very much now. I think that it is a country losing confidence. I have uneasiness and live on all living from hand to mouth while being a country proud of a big population scale. Daily life is over by inertia of crying how. There are many such people.
Though both a Japanese and a Chinese have many people minding honor, there are many people preventing, if anything, it from showing a lot of a showy person, the Japanese as for the Chinese if possible. Anyway, a Japanese is uneasy, and there is no help for it. There is a vast saving person for the uneasiness of the old age. Though I think that the one that I used while I live is happy, I possess it at the time of what-if and do not use it. Because there is the money that it uses only it to spend illogical medical expenses right before I die.
I think that the Japanese can do a more various thing if I can get rid of this uneasiness. I think that managers running the government and a bureaucrat of the Japanese Government, a Japanese company suffer from a mental disease. The negative spiral that uneasiness produces uneasiness continues all the time.
After all I think the cause that a lifestyle has it. The lifestyle to act of Japanese is abnormal. I leave the house early in the morning and get on a commuter train more than one hour and work overtime until work is over about a company and I am jolted in trains more than it again for one hour and return to the house. It is not unusual to support the family at about 22:00 from 21:00. I will live every day without watching the sun. Though I am used, I think that after all it is abnormal. There is very little time when oneself becomes free. Anyone is in an abnormal condition in this and suffers from a mental disease. A level of nation disease already includes it.
However, a place thinking that oneself are normal individualizes Japanese extraordinariness.
Then what is the solution? You should stop such a lifestyle. I work with responsibility to like it and make money to like it. It may be that this is the most important for a Japanese. But then only it should help each other each other because I may not readily get along well. So I think so that it is what is demanded from the present Japanese to give a result.
I want to spread more Japanese. I should come to be able to speak Japanese regardless of nationality. Japanese hides the power only for it, and there is the ability for coined word still more, too. The words are property for a race. I want to spread it in Asia more. Therefore I intend to scratch a lot of simpler sentences. I intend to write Japanese for the world if I say exaggeratedly.

Nissan March 5MT

Hikage, Tokigawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama 250 ベヘドオート a few far, but may be interesting even if I go to value march by way of hiking.

Nissan March 2007
A manual of the pink march. I look really happy. I think it to be most suitable as a person of introduction to the car Run quite lightly; and very recommended 1,200cc. It is recommended that the driving of the car with a manual transmission begins at first being a car of such under power.
The driving does not become good when I get into a high-power car suddenly. The high-powered car is because Gere can advance anywhere. After all such a car is good to learn how you introduce engine power into the tire efficiently. The fun of the clutch work has in particular better car with the direct feeling.
Heisei, Fukuoka 11 years type red march
This may be pretty again, too. It is slightly old, but it may be pleasant to roll it in downright March.
Is this good for an exercise car? Is it the problem of the course afterward?
It is 2,200 yen including a car carrier in Tama course . It seems to be 3,000 yen by the rental by car. The rental car is like the automatic car. Then maybe rational as for valuing march, and lending it for around 3,000 yen. When pickup includes it, it is a feeling. If I value march and can maintain it, I want to invite you.
Because the tire is 165/70R14, so seems to be cheap.
It is like around 25,000 yen by four exchange if I check it in automatic Bucks . It seems to cost disposal costs separately.
Mileage of the march exceeds liter 20 kilos despite a catalogue level. It is a very advantageous eco-car.
Liter around 15 kilos seems to do its best somehow.
It is insurance and a parking fee afterward

The reason why the reason youth whom a youth does not go to for election

The reason why the reason youth whom a youth does not go to for election does not go for election is really simple. This is because it is meaningless even if I do not go even if I go. An opinion is not reflected even if I go for election, and an opinion is not reflected if I do not go. The one that does not reach if both are the same becomes better.
I was able to insist by violence once. One of a foreign country and a certain famous investor say, “the Japanese youth should attack the Prime Minister’s office and the Diet with Kalashnikov AK47 gun”. Then I go the foreign country.
It is said that the violence is not good. But it only forbade violence towards the outside, and violence for oneself is noninterference. Therefore quiet violence rages by dying by oneself. Everybody is looking away in this. It is silent terrorism that merely dies calmly without the youth not producing it, and using it. The terror becomes the uneasiness of the old age and may be reflected?
The Japanese dies orderly. It thinks that a suicide is 30,000 people that probably the processing capacity of the police will be to there. I am handled as an unnatural death other than it. Little decrease seems to enter, but it seems to be reliable that death beyond the capacity cost of the administrative ability exists. We Japanese fights by a civil war called (it will be 25 years of them) for “lost 20 years”.
The main cause is a financial difficulty. Because I am made to buy enormous credit, and it comes back to, anticipating it is zero almost to support American political system, it is before it hits a financial difficulty that it is. I lend the money and do not come home, and firewood is the same as what was sent to. President Obama seemed to say US Treasury once that I paid the difference. I think that it was one judgment in its own right. Will it be the same as the one which there is not if it is a debt not to come back virtually? I think that I would do the suggestion. But I seemed to choose the way which the Japanese Government administration official which I thought to be given up refused it, and clung to the United States among the United States. An American husband to use violence on and a wife called Japan which is reliant in it. Till when does this repeated diagram continue?

The Japanese democracy system hardly has only small power. It is almost something like accessories in the courtesy. The real policymaking is decided by the collusion of closed vested rights people. It may be, so to speak, said that it is invisible dictatorship.
In the first place it is not allowed for many people to participate in politics. I take form of the universal suffrage, but am limited election substantially. Without enormous funds and the connection of the vested rights person, it is not allowed even to participate in politics.
To make the structure which all the nations vote for is possible, but does not do even it. This is because the one is convenient for the present man of power. Because I say the improvement of the turnout, but it is only said, “I follow oneself” substantially.
I hold on to small power, and therefore peace and a living, the thing not to want to see are what it does not watch, and it is the present conditions of present Japan much more that continue postponing. I may think that I fall rather. But I think that the truth may have already fallen in a shadow.
I strongly feel that I am similar before some Soviet Union collapse.
I call at the top of my voice for true courage here and should step forward to the one step.

English private supplementary school of the Admiral Shigeyoshi Inoue

The image from Wikipedia.
Japanese site
Narumi Inoue
While I do not know it and do not know it, I feel like having arrived at this English private supplementary school. I think that I will say such a thing if an image comes true. Specifically, you should be able to read Wikipedia, but think to easily talk about General Shigeyoshi Inoue.
It was an officer of the Great Japanese Empire navy, and the judgment was very splendid. I know English, Italian, German, French and am the one that was helpful as a diplomat enough. Of those days it can be right said that is a top elite.
I continued objecting to war with the United States determinedly and have been about to be murdered. The possibility that terrorism by the right wing was sacrificed is a certain person very much. Judging from the strength of a nation, the war to U.S. is the person who continued saying impossibility extremely simply.
I make a combination with famous Isoroku Yamamoto and am the person who contributed to naval aviation force upbringing. If there are not these two people, I think that probably the Zero fighter was not in use.
After all the notable contents of this person intend to be a story in the days of the Principal of Naval Academy. Narumi Inoue saw a point of the Pacific War. I understood that it ended in defeat as navy official. However, students of the naval academy must send him out as a soldier. I think that these pains would be left in him all the time. Therefore Inoue was going to make the naval officer of one’s eidolon thoroughly.
A rejection campaign of the foreign language happened in the wartime concerning a bottom, and even the school in the military was no exception, and the English education of Naval Academy was going to be abolished, too. However, Inoue objected decidedly. When “the naval officers who could speak only a native language were worthless ,” I thundered against you and did not stop English education, general education determinedly. At that time at all of the criticism some said. It will not be general education, English in emergency, the wartime. This is because the trend that I make the soldier who is useful for a war quickly and send spread in Japan. It thinks that serious courage would say to object there.
It becomes after the war, and it is after to understand this. Naval academy students who survived are amazed. It became after the war and came to be looked coldly on so far though I was treated well as an egg of the top elite. It will be awkward that there was the purge from public service if I eat it in a moment. But naval academy students did not lose a pride. As key person of the postwar revival, I raised many companies and I did various things and revived Japan. Ironically, I may consider that an excellent talented person was freed by a purge from public service.
The faint good feeling of the nation for the navy comes from such a place. I may hit the existence of the naval officer in an unexpected place when I watch the history of the company. A scholar, a researcher seem to have many it.
Shigeyoshi Inoue biography publication society – Naval Academy Era
I get on this in detail.
Inoue was going to make a gentleman. The gentleman who survives the severe times. I feel intense fighting spirit here.
If appear in the world after the war; of some service thought that might live, but it might be how to get responsibility for him that opened the English private supplementary school in the similary, the poverty in it. It was not the navy in a country to have saved his poverty after all either and was instructors who were a student and the subordinate of geishas and naval academy students. And it was the wife who married again. I think it to be popular man. It was Inoue known as a straitlaced person, but seemed to be a type to have a good feeling for a woman.
It seemed to have been an Italian resident military officer, would you touch it there to watch the paste which was Latin unexpectedly? I thought with disgust. A short account seemed to be able to play the guitar and the piano. It seemed to be a very skillful person.