Nissan March 5MT

Hikage, Tokigawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama 250 ベヘドオート a few far, but may be interesting even if I go to value march by way of hiking.

Nissan March 2007
A manual of the pink march. I look really happy. I think it to be most suitable as a person of introduction to the car Run quite lightly; and very recommended 1,200cc. It is recommended that the driving of the car with a manual transmission begins at first being a car of such under power.
The driving does not become good when I get into a high-power car suddenly. The high-powered car is because Gere can advance anywhere. After all such a car is good to learn how you introduce engine power into the tire efficiently. The fun of the clutch work has in particular better car with the direct feeling.
Heisei, Fukuoka 11 years type red march
This may be pretty again, too. It is slightly old, but it may be pleasant to roll it in downright March.
Is this good for an exercise car? Is it the problem of the course afterward?
It is 2,200 yen including a car carrier in Tama course . It seems to be 3,000 yen by the rental by car. The rental car is like the automatic car. Then maybe rational as for valuing march, and lending it for around 3,000 yen. When pickup includes it, it is a feeling. If I value march and can maintain it, I want to invite you.
Because the tire is 165/70R14, so seems to be cheap.
It is like around 25,000 yen by four exchange if I check it in automatic Bucks . It seems to cost disposal costs separately.
Mileage of the march exceeds liter 20 kilos despite a catalogue level. It is a very advantageous eco-car.
Liter around 15 kilos seems to do its best somehow.
It is insurance and a parking fee afterward