English private supplementary school of the Admiral Shigeyoshi Inoue

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Narumi Inoue
While I do not know it and do not know it, I feel like having arrived at this English private supplementary school. I think that I will say such a thing if an image comes true. Specifically, you should be able to read Wikipedia, but think to easily talk about General Shigeyoshi Inoue.
It was an officer of the Great Japanese Empire navy, and the judgment was very splendid. I know English, Italian, German, French and am the one that was helpful as a diplomat enough. Of those days it can be right said that is a top elite.
I continued objecting to war with the United States determinedly and have been about to be murdered. The possibility that terrorism by the right wing was sacrificed is a certain person very much. Judging from the strength of a nation, the war to U.S. is the person who continued saying impossibility extremely simply.
I make a combination with famous Isoroku Yamamoto and am the person who contributed to naval aviation force upbringing. If there are not these two people, I think that probably the Zero fighter was not in use.
After all the notable contents of this person intend to be a story in the days of the Principal of Naval Academy. Narumi Inoue saw a point of the Pacific War. I understood that it ended in defeat as navy official. However, students of the naval academy must send him out as a soldier. I think that these pains would be left in him all the time. Therefore Inoue was going to make the naval officer of one’s eidolon thoroughly.
A rejection campaign of the foreign language happened in the wartime concerning a bottom, and even the school in the military was no exception, and the English education of Naval Academy was going to be abolished, too. However, Inoue objected decidedly. When “the naval officers who could speak only a native language were worthless ,” I thundered against you and did not stop English education, general education determinedly. At that time at all of the criticism some said. It will not be general education, English in emergency, the wartime. This is because the trend that I make the soldier who is useful for a war quickly and send spread in Japan. It thinks that serious courage would say to object there.
It becomes after the war, and it is after to understand this. Naval academy students who survived are amazed. It became after the war and came to be looked coldly on so far though I was treated well as an egg of the top elite. It will be awkward that there was the purge from public service if I eat it in a moment. But naval academy students did not lose a pride. As key person of the postwar revival, I raised many companies and I did various things and revived Japan. Ironically, I may consider that an excellent talented person was freed by a purge from public service.
The faint good feeling of the nation for the navy comes from such a place. I may hit the existence of the naval officer in an unexpected place when I watch the history of the company. A scholar, a researcher seem to have many it.
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I get on this in detail.
Inoue was going to make a gentleman. The gentleman who survives the severe times. I feel intense fighting spirit here.
If appear in the world after the war; of some service thought that might live, but it might be how to get responsibility for him that opened the English private supplementary school in the similary, the poverty in it. It was not the navy in a country to have saved his poverty after all either and was instructors who were a student and the subordinate of geishas and naval academy students. And it was the wife who married again. I think it to be popular man. It was Inoue known as a straitlaced person, but seemed to be a type to have a good feeling for a woman.
It seemed to have been an Italian resident military officer, would you touch it there to watch the paste which was Latin unexpectedly? I thought with disgust. A short account seemed to be able to play the guitar and the piano. It seemed to be a very skillful person.