thought carefully. Number of the access income remains, and there is not a meaning?

The market size of the thing which EC business means a lot understands well that I watch this. After all it seems to be necessary for the contents to investigate it thoroughly though the Amazons are strong. If a scale is huge, I cannot see the contents and. It is not revealed that I do not look in the Amazon inside, on the contrary, what sells as much as it is what.

Though I thought incidentally, I take access with a thing such as the fishing with a seine completely if number of the access income reaches, and is a person doing shopping in that not to be with constant probability? Will it be only me to feel do not so have a meaning? It is more important whether you do shopping, and it does not have a meaning to only pass after all? I think of と.
Because the access of the Internet is the thing which a human being runs, I think that it is limited. When I collect the precious resources, I think that it is, so to speak, waste. Even if the number of the access rises, I think whether you are connected to sales.
Are you not tied to a purchasing action for the first time by telling advantageous information to the person who is looking for the product? It is matter of course between hits.

I think whether it is not necessary to have anything to do with the world if I earn stable access.