Stance of auto sales

When I intended to sell a car, I wanted to know how much car was popular now in Japan and I checked it and watched it. As for the sale results of February, 2017, new car 310,000, a used car are like around 280,000 according to a page of jihanren. Because the stock is said to look at the used car search site with about 400,000 – 600,000; quite because of unit sales one of 1.3 – two can think that is in stock. It seems to have possibilities to be said that this stock rate shows the type of the used car store. It may be said that a turnover is a good shop if there is few it, but may not maintain it too much. The management is suppressed, but it may be said that there are many stock rates even if I take time for maintenance.
This will change by the type of the car.
I think that a person enjoying more cars wants you to increase through used car sale. I get on the myself car with a manual transmission, but am the human being who cannot do the tire exchange. But I like the car and am fun. I want to live by studying more cars happily from now on. I think that the network of the car enthusiast should be connected more and yet more.
Though I am not a car store, I want to help I introduce a pleasant car, and send it near a necessary person.

I think bathtub curve to be required knowledge in talking about used goods. For example, I think that it is an advantageous key doing shopping to judge where in the trouble rate curve a used car is that I is going to buy it. That you can distinguish repair to be able to reduce a trouble rate is the key which can buy used goods in a bargain. It means that it becomes the advantageous finished product if I can repair even a trouble product cheaply.