Belt-conveyor sushi

The belt-conveyor sushi becomes indispensable to already eat sushi in Japan.
The sushi parted in two directionality in Japan. It is sushi turning around and the sushi which do not turn around. A thing of the belt-conveyor sushi, the sushi which do not turn around are high-quality sushi with sushi turning around.
Originally the sushi was simple fast food. When Tokyo was still said to be Edo, I was like the United States for the western reclamation era and, the fight with severe nature, opened a town of Edo. The food which put marine products and rice at hand together was sushi.
The Edo-style sushi is a meaning called the sushi which I made with a fish produced near the Edo era. It was sushi got close to to the common people of Edo all the time, but environmental pollution became serious, and fresh fish were not produced near Tokyo as urbanization of Tokyo advanced. Therefore it was necessary to lay in stock of a fish from various parts of Japan and the world, and the price of the sushi soared steadily.
We do not understand the price in the high-quality sushi shop. It is the current price. Because the sushi craftsman wants to give good service, I want to know the visitor well. So such as the membership system service look. It is one status symbol to put in a high-quality sushi shop.
But I cannot enjoy sushi by this willingly. It is belt-conveyor sushi to have had its eyes there. I succeeded in sending sushi to a visitor quickly by using a belt conveyor used in a factory. Because they are selected, as for the price, the accounts are accurate by the color of the plate. A price appears immediately if I multiply the number of the plates and unit price.
This became the big revolution for sushi. It may be said that the common people regained sushi. I in this way succeeded in automation of the sushi.
The management of the freshness is simple, too and should cancel it if sushi put on the plate lends several laps of courses of the belt conveyor. It is with the problem that spoon addition and subtraction I enter, and how long should display sushi by addition and subtraction are new again of the visitor.
The visitor can order it for a sushi craftsman as before. The ordered sushi appears in a belt conveyor and does it on your table. On the contrary, from the sushi craftsman side, you may teach a menu.
They are going to adopt service of the high-quality sushi.
It was industrial, and the sushi culture was succeeded to in this way in the Japanese society which industrialized.