After my being Short-stay, technical college wage, and being サ high house, until from December, 2009 to August, 2016, I experienced it with (I do not yet understand the classification well, but think that, anyway, the care insurance facility does not have a difference) and a pay nursing home. I work by a day service now. I think that what I sometimes remember is not bad.
At first it was from short-stay that I began as the care staff in earnest. I remember that I began a night duty from or another January, 2010. It is a place to keep when short-stay has the circumstances that an elderly person is various, and it is not the family there. Because facilities paid it, the definite diaper did not have the individual diaper and was only difference in size and always used the thing of facilities. short-stay seems to be such a thing. It may be half said that home, half facilities are the actual situation of short-stay. I spend half of the month in facilities. Oh, like it; if think that rubbed it, there is not the mistake.
There was short-stay who had high emergency, and, anyway, there were many patterns that I kept. As an example, a family falls down and was hospitalized, or acceptance is not still decided. とか, the まあ circumstances are various. So it may be said that I spent all my time fight with an intense return desire. “I want to return”! !”I want to return”! !It is の continuation. Although I intend to miss the topic, and to do something, even it is impossible. It was often that I ran after it and was turned and was fatigued overnight.
I did anything with a night duty, bathing, re-creation, pickup, meal assistance.
If I come in the first shift and get up and assist it and I eat and assist it and do taking medicine, mouth care, I do a morning gathering and take you to and from. I assist break (but there was not the thing feeling relaxed of the mind) lunch, bathing and take you to and from again.
If assistance of the dinner, the lying in bed assistance night duty assist the dinner after etiquette with a baggage check of the one that entered, linen exchange, a baggage check of leaving, a night duty in an evening if it is a late shift and lull all to sleep, I assist the excretion at the appointed hour. A record. I ensure the security until the next morning.
Because there was not bathing in short-stay of Sunday, as for the re-creation, it became ハメ to do three times. I think that the re-creation was trained thanks to this grace very much. Because you begin other work if you derive the re-creation because everybody is busy, I do re-creation in oneself one and must attract it. This is serious again. Conversely did what wants to do, and might be fun in its own right,; but …