The MT-Cars

The car share mainly on the car with a manual transmission is a purpose, but a series of lineups are such feelings.
Three Bluebird
Nissan Blue Bird 2.0SSS-Z-CVT where is red

Nissan Blue Bird 1.8XE where is white

gray metallic Nissan Blue Bird 2.0SSS

As a transportation warship
Renault Kangoo is yellow>
A canvas top seems to be broken, but should I fix ? A guy of 6 speed manuals is attractive, too. I want to enjoy the characteristic that is a P key.
After all I cannot hand over the yellow of the perception stone. Making it even with red white yellow.

Nissan Bunnett van DX latter term 5D 5MT 750kg
Seat atachment best … in this behind.
You must scrape up the people who can operate a car with a manual transmission afterward. This is necessary even now. I mean I must gather people of the car enthusiast. I am wrong in the conventional lack of relation. When I do not expect it with a noble sense of duty to protect the car with a manual transmission as traditional arts.

And as FR cars which want to get into Toyota mark II Grande

Specifications car Toyota century>
If for two maintenance costs does not appropriate it for the car, become; wind it up.
Thus, though a car is six, I think in seven, and the maintenance cost of 3,500,000 yen a year is necessary. A corporation is not good only by car afterward (laugh) when I do not think. Oh, one or … which it is so, or has Bluebird to have now.

Nissan did not have to forget Skyline; … I will put this in a candidate.
Nissan Skyline GTS type model in the latter half of S of Hanyu UI automatic service さのではない.

Nissan Skyline GTS-t type M
This is extremely normal. Dear Ms. normal of R32 Skyline: Wonderful.

6 Nissan Skyline 350GT premium 6 speed MT
But this Skyline may be more advantageous if I buy it in a century. The feeling that is cheap with unpopularity is … I seem to draw it out by too deep torque.
What is Skyline 350GT specifications ? Is it 280HP? I run fast, and is it not a sedan? If it is only power performance, cannot set up century and equal. Such a car is … with just a little over 500,000 yen. Because it is firm, as for this kind of car, the mileage does not become many problems. Rather you should run.
When a gear ratio looks, do you not really pass ローギアード? Think of と to be it,; but …
Skyline 350GT
Vehicle weight 1,540 kg
Drive type FR
Transmission 6MT
LSD Normal
The first gear ratio 1 3.794
Second 2.324
Third 1.624
Fourth 1.271
Top 1.000
Over top 0.794
Retreat 3.446
The last slowdown ratio 3.538
Because a gear ratio is lower than Bluebird, is it truck mother? I let you debate という feeling. I mean it is good in second-go if it is this?
The feeling that the gear ratio of U14 Bluebird of my home does not come.
Vehicle weight 1,160 kg
Drive type FF
Transmission 5MT
LSD Option
First 3.333
Second 1.955
Third 1.286
Fourth 0.926
The top 0.733
Retreat 3.153
The last slowdown ratio 3.888
Mmm, is 5 speed of Bluebird high gears than 6 speed of Skyline? Although I make weight, and there is a difference of 400 kg, I make much of acceleration performance too much, and think that it may not be what, and there is it slightly. Oh, it will not be stalled. Because there is the performance that can only take with power forcibly; …
The feeling that does not come in century
Vehicle weight 2,070 kg
Drive type FR
Transmission 6AT
LSD — – –
First gear ratio 3.296
Second 1.958
Third 1.348
Fourth 1.000
The fifth 0.725
The sixth 0.582
Retreat 2.951
The last slowdown ratio 3.461
I exceed 2 tons to cover. The century. But I will not bring myself to remain because a horsepower is terrible. But I want to stop it in the place of some area because I think that managing it is not good. I do not change with a gear ratio of Bluebird very much. I add it to it and am a feeling with 6 speed. Though it is 4 speed AT when it is an older type, this may be the elegant run that seems to be a century more. There is not 6 speed and puts up firs gear When is this, a niece uses the torque much; is driven.