There is the thing that self-sacrifice is hard to be understood to be the suffering of the care staff about the suffering of the care staff very much.
To be frank, all what’s called care is made-to-order when I say, and there is not it even if I attach what’s called superiority and inferiority. Therefore it is easy to become very disposable. What’s called experience is useless primarily. Though there is experience of the care from December, 2009, it is only past data, and, as for me, there is not the security to be used toward the front of eyes for the time being. It is always know-how obtained from the only experience to expect without a fresh feeling, a preconception. It is a place hard again that must begin oneself in the negative suddenly from such a place.
But it is the thing that is extreme in, arrogance pushing it to at one point of view because it is a commonplace if I think, and the life of the person is each. I always change in the times, and, as for it, even an elderly person is no exception.
I escape from the dark darkness of the night duty, and I came out, but after all am still worried about night. The system is not such that the nursing facility supports 24 hours. I may think so, but everybody is a perfect mistake. It may be said that the facilities are a lawless area, extraterritoriality basically. Various cases happen because of the unsociable environment.
Therefore I intended to struggle, but the motivation faded away a power war when it knew it only as for quenching it by the life of extremely limited people after all. The feeling of strain to take life of the a little less than 30 upon itself thinks that it was a very rare experience.
I pocketed something by making it busy with all. It is thereby own eyes and to have covered its ears. It was not able to be said that I left the floor during the night duty. I am scared and cannot do it. I think that I cannot make an excuse if there is anything when oneself left it. But everybody wanted to leave it for some reason. I made up various duties and might be going to be separated from night darkness.
The night duty resembles the fight between submarines. The one that gave a sound is a defeat. All the correspondence is because they play moving second moving second when discovered earlier. It is necessary to be keen. It was rare that it was understood.
An accident do not happen. Because this is because it is the factor which is hard to be evaluated very much. There is nothing. There are few people who can judge that it is that というのがいかに is splendid. Though an accident happened, it was settled lightly! !The one that is looks cool and is easy to be evaluated as the results. It is that an accident does not happen to be the best,; but …
Night has already begun today. I sometimes long. Do not take night duty; and is mother for half a year soon.
The work of the care has the thing which is near to electricity, gas, infrastructure of the water service. I have it, and there is a trend to be natural, and it is always required. Then is there not the first stress here?
A person becoming the care staff has many people full of the sacrifice mind. But when one step is wrong, it is teased and becomes the soil laying the black workplace. I work as a volunteer and become the trend such as the commonplace. This is a serious situation. It seems that the present conditions that even a human being is wasted will be the biggest problems without being careful with a thing.

Using Tachometer

I think that with many people who cannot use the tachometer which is a rotary laying upon engine rev counter with a tachometer properly.
Does only all speedometer not look? A tachometer is very more important.
I will get the one that a tachometer is not found to a car in reference to this. That reminds me a bongo van has a few guy.
automatic cage tachometer animation
I get back to the origin of Blog if you think carefully, and should not put the link.
When I practice the driving of the car, I think that it is accelerator work and brakes work to be the most important.
The simplest way starts the engine and steps on an accelerator and is to put it together with an accelerator to the number of revolutions that oneself decided.
The idling is less than about 1,000 rounds. I think that it becomes just a little over 1,000 rounds until an engine warms. I move to the place that may let you blow and I estimate a step at 1,200 rounds, 1,400 rounds, 1,600 rounds, 1,800 rounds, 2,000 rounds and will step on an accelerator. If it is put just together, it is the best. Probably if it is made, is considerably smooth; should be able to drive. I cannot often go through whether it usually goes too much through an accelerator that the posture of the car is not stable at just the right time. The car advances properly when I can fix a turn. I often look at the condition of one’s driving in this, too.
Then I will have influence that it is important to driving that the flexibility of the foot says.
An accelerator cannot judge that a seat is not correct well well.
There is the person who is troubled with the Yahoo brains.
Handling MT car a tachometer>
Is it not hard to be reasonable only by an engine sound? I think that it is indeed impossible.
MT used cars 1991 type (1991) crown 2.0 supermarket select
It is a crown someday.

Pulsar Serie X1 1995 (1995)>
There was such a pulsar. Go for it, it is Nissan pulsar

It is Corolla ranks 1.8 Z 2002>
What is it? When it is 6 speed manuals of Corolla? I want this. If I handle such a car, it is a man.

The 108th Toyota Corolla ranks Z aerotourer [I buy it immediately if I find it!] 】
To have been such a radical model; …
Toyota, 2ZZ-GE
The gasoline is high-octane limitation. Though enough is high, the engine which begins to beat 190HP is attractive.

About Sea of Japan sea fight

Do you know Sea of Japan sea fight in the Russo-Japanese War? A Japanese combined fleet crashes into a Russian Baru-like fleet and is the fight that Japan delivered dramatic victory to. This victory was dripped by the effort of many people and the rare good luck. Then I will return a hand on the watch in 1905.

I scraped up a Russian naval war vessel in Europe to destroy a Japanese combined fleet, and tsar Nicolai II sent the Baru-like fleet to Japan.
I was led by the Roge strike wen ski admiral who was a commander in chief and departed from re-bowman Port. I did the Great Navigation that went half round the earth and came over to Japan. It may be said that it showed the presence as the navy country to have let a voyage succeed while having various difficulty.

The Baru-like fleet which let you leave supply ship such as the geordie in Shanghai is contained in a military manoeuvre. The destination is Vladivostok.
There were three routes that a Baru-like fleet could take. It is Tsushima Channel, Tsugaru Strait, three of the La Perouse Strait.
It was Tsushima Channel that the passage is simple, but the Japanese combined fleet which is the main force of the enemy is more likely to wait in fact.
One and the information about the route that a combined fleet wraps Tsugaru Strait, Soya Channel with an underwater mine, and are more likely to blockade it are poor and are in danger of running out of fuel and the stranding in some cases.
The Roge strike wen ski admiral chose the Tsushima Channel passage. Because Russia was advantageous with the force of the battleship when I analyzed a force of the both Japan and Russia, it would be expected that Vladivostok could enter it whether it was several ships of the battleship.
Where a Baru-like fleet came over from in one Japan was national subject of concern. The samurai who was supposedly Ryoma Sakamoto stood in the dream of the Emperor Meiji. There is such a story with (good), too.
The Major Staff Officer strategy predecessor Masayuki Akiyama of the combined fleet headquarters classified the Sea of Japan to Tsushima Channel – Vladivostok finely and worked out a minute strategy that back geo-の seven steps minded.
I unified the combined fleet headquarters by ambush operation at Tsushima Channel, but I can never get the news of the Baru-like fleet, and it is unknown. I can hold Tsushima Channel when I count it backward from conventional voyage speed.
Only time gradually passes. [the Baru-like fleet may invade it secretly from Tsugaru Strait or Soya Channel not Tsushima Channel?] The combined fleet headquarters holds a meeting while doubt deepens. Since an enemy’s condition is unknown, the Operation Masayuki Akiyama predecessor starts an opinion whether should move to the Noto offing. However, one major general called Hayao Shimamura was late for a meeting and spoke it in this way. [a motor launch is delayed in stormy weather and was late, but the Baru-like fleet is similar, too?] と.
As a result, the indication of the Major General Hayao Shimamura was right if I looked. As for the Baru-like fleet, the bottom of a ship had one cup of seaweed at the voyage of the long way and greatly dropped speed.
However, there was not knew it, quitting it in the meeting, and, in the case of enemy’s condition ignorance, the combined fleet inclined to moving to the Noto offing.
And May 27 of the fate comes over.

The combined fleet picked up a naval officer on the merchant ship which I commandeered and assumed it a converted cruiser for reconnaissance. One ship of the inside is the Shinano-maru of Nippon Yusen. In an early morning before 6:00 a.m., the Shinano-maru discovers a Baru-like fleet. The Colonel Narikawa of the captain is prepared for it at the same time to be mad with joy.
The battleship that a partner is the strongest in the world, the Shinano-maru are only the merchant ships which do not have the armor. I do not have standing of one if I receive bombardment. It is the seaweed of the sea in several minutes. The Colonel Narikawa makes up his/her mind to continue hitting it until a location and the action of the Baru-like fleet are attacked and sunk with 36 sets of no electric equipments in the combined fleet headquarters. The correct information from the Shinano-maru was right Tennyuu for Staff Officer Masayuki Akiyama.
[I watch a hostile craft and, at the report, am going to destroy this.] It is today weather serenity, but have it a wave high;]
This telegraphic message that was famous was born in this way.
Strangely, the Baru-like fleet of a discovered side did not interfere with an action of the Shinano-maru. I am said to have avoided that a figure is disturbed by pursuit. Without [hostile craft looking] where the Shinano-maru rose from affecting a Baru-like fleet to have been received.
One combined fleet headquarters presents an active state. The main force begins to move toward the meeting with the Baru-like fleet, and Izumi of the third prize cruiser succeeds Shokusetsu action of the Shinano-maru, and the Baru tick fleet approaches destined Tsushima Channel.
Therefore one strange event happened.
Fearless crossed in front of enemy that the military unit which Major Kantaro Suzuki who served the commander of the destroyer led knew the correct course of the Baru-like fleet. (Kantaro Suzuki becomes the Prime Minister of the Great Japanese Empire last later.)
I mistake the Baru-like fleet to see this when I wrapped the course with an underwater mine and it is big and destroys the battle formation. The Roge strike wen ski admiral is going to revise it, but, from the feeling of strain of the battlefield, an order does not go well. As this confused state, I will crash into a combined fleet.
As for the Baru-like fleet, a meeting fights against a combined fleet before 2:00 p.m. Because I came over from the southwest, in this situation, in the combined fleet, the Baru-like fleet passes each other from the northeast. The which I shook off is a victory than I fight against a combined fleet because a purpose of the Roge strike wen ski admiral is to let the main force of the Baru-like fleet enter port to Vladivostok.
I judged that the armor of the new star battleship could tolerate it even if I got bombardment and was going to speed straight it.
It is a big turn head by the Admiral Heihachiro Togo in the face of the enemy to have changed this situation. It is the fearless tactics to centralize bombardment in the top warship while blocking the course of the Baru-like fleet by making a U-turn at last-minute distance. I will show the defenseless side, and the combined fleet is remarkably disadvantageous if I turn in the face of the enemy. The combined fleet really suffers many damage just after a head in a time.
However, the rain of the cannonball poured into the Baru-like fleet as soon as it became the battle formation that was advantageous to the combined fleet. I used the Shimose’s gunpowder that the cannonball of the Japanese Navy caused a fire than the hard and strong cannonball which made a hole in the armor of the hostile craft and could not fight, and to drive. An incendiary in the back is near. Therefore the battleship of the Baru-like fleet did not sink, but lost ability for battle steadily.
In that way it is Admiral Heihachiro Togo who pushed forward the destruction of the Baru-like fleet smoothly, but discovers strange movement in one ship of the battleship of the Baru tick fleet. I changed a course, and it seemed whether you were going to escape. Six ships of the first fleet which was lower than Admiral Heihachiro Togo stopped bombardment in order to suppress the point more and began fleet exercise.
However, subsequent Admiral kamimura gave it an order for the continuation of the bombardment in defiance of this order. As for what Baru-like fleet, a rudder was destroyed not a course change and was not able to only go straight ahead. When it was only five ships of the second fleet, it became the numerical inferiority with force differences and Baru-like fleet, but the Uemura admiral continued attacking it without being daunted. When I noticed a mistake, the first fleet of the Admiral Togo left it distantly, and time has suffered before I met again.
When the Baru-like fleet headquarters gave a motivation here and counterattacked it, I might permit the escape of the Baru-like fleet.
The battleships of the Baru-like fleet which lost a force were sunk steadily by the torpedo of the destroyer of the combined fleet.
The Roge strike wen ski admiral gets injured and made lifting on a destroyer, but one strange event gets up again here. Roge strike wen ski admiral became a captive of the Japanese Navy. It is very unusual for a defeated general of the sea fight to become a captive. Mostly this is because it succeeds in escaping or becomes the seaweed of the sea.
The state of the destroyer of the Russian side is strange when the destroyer which I picked up Roge strike wen ski admiral on becomes the discovery されていざ war on a destroyer of the Japanese Navy. When a young first lieutenant called Tsukamoto had a telescope of latest Carl Zeiss in those days and used it, the Roge strike wen ski admiral gave a flag of surrender of the surrender. The Roge strike wen ski admiral would go out to the seaweed of the sea if I did not have this telescope. The First Lieutenant Tsukamoto had Admiral Heihachiro Togo show this Carl Zeiss telescope and I was impressed and seemed to purchase it at own expense. That it was a share for salary one month of the first lieutenant.
It was a chance that Roge strike wen ski admiral became a captive and survived. The Roge strike wen ski admiral was accommodated by the navy Hospital in Sasebo and received a visit of the Admiral Heihachiro Togo. Last arrival of the Great Navigation that went half round the earth is to have been a sickbed of Sasebo.
It became long, but the mistakes occurred frequently, but there is the flexibility that recovery makes it in the Japan side and, in the Sea of Japan sea fight said to be complete victory, thinks that the thing that there was not divided victory or defeat into the Russia side.

Stance of auto sales

When I intended to sell a car, I wanted to know how much car was popular now in Japan and I checked it and watched it. As for the sale results of February, 2017, new car 310,000, a used car are like around 280,000 according to a page of jihanren. Because the stock is said to look at the used car search site with about 400,000 – 600,000; quite because of unit sales one of 1.3 – two can think that is in stock. It seems to have possibilities to be said that this stock rate shows the type of the used car store. It may be said that a turnover is a good shop if there is few it, but may not maintain it too much. The management is suppressed, but it may be said that there are many stock rates even if I take time for maintenance.
This will change by the type of the car.
I think that a person enjoying more cars wants you to increase through used car sale. I get on the myself car with a manual transmission, but am the human being who cannot do the tire exchange. But I like the car and am fun. I want to live by studying more cars happily from now on. I think that the network of the car enthusiast should be connected more and yet more.
Though I am not a car store, I want to help I introduce a pleasant car, and send it near a necessary person.

I think bathtub curve to be required knowledge in talking about used goods. For example, I think that it is an advantageous key doing shopping to judge where in the trouble rate curve a used car is that I is going to buy it. That you can distinguish repair to be able to reduce a trouble rate is the key which can buy used goods in a bargain. It means that it becomes the advantageous finished product if I can repair even a trouble product cheaply.

thought carefully. Number of the access income remains, and there is not a meaning?

The market size of the thing which EC business means a lot understands well that I watch this. After all it seems to be necessary for the contents to investigate it thoroughly though the Amazons are strong. If a scale is huge, I cannot see the contents and. It is not revealed that I do not look in the Amazon inside, on the contrary, what sells as much as it is what.

Though I thought incidentally, I take access with a thing such as the fishing with a seine completely if number of the access income reaches, and is a person doing shopping in that not to be with constant probability? Will it be only me to feel do not so have a meaning? It is more important whether you do shopping, and it does not have a meaning to only pass after all? I think of と.
Because the access of the Internet is the thing which a human being runs, I think that it is limited. When I collect the precious resources, I think that it is, so to speak, waste. Even if the number of the access rises, I think whether you are connected to sales.
Are you not tied to a purchasing action for the first time by telling advantageous information to the person who is looking for the product? It is matter of course between hits.

I think whether it is not necessary to have anything to do with the world if I earn stable access.

Anti-sugar diet

When it is said whether it is grown fat because it is a glucide limit and curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. and diet, the thing which it ate cannot process it than it says with overeating, and this is because it is for leaving behind as stock in each place of the body. This is because a digestive organ becomes in condition not to be able to process it. It is grown fat, and one is distorted here and there. So at first I say to ex-Emperor curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. and bonesetting and can considerably control the appetite by fixing each physical place. The person growing fat often has taste upset. A glucide limitation is the way that is very effective in reviving taste. I only stop juice with sugar, and taste returns considerably. I adjust nature and the body if I keep zinc and iron content, potassium, sodium well because taste is the sense that is easy to be out of order very much. Nature and the figure come back to the human body if they revive it because a function regulating properly exists. Still I think that it is still less necessary to be going to get thinner and am only unhealthy.
It does not get sterile because of the exercise. It is a way with the considerable unreasonableness to use a calorie by kinetic energy. It is the way that a young athlete does and. If it is an excellent young body, it may be effective, but thinks that 30 must not pass. I rather hurt a body. There is power in the one that prefers physical balance to it well.
If untie a body, and take a deep breath, and fix the flow of the whole body, it is said naturally, and a flow is mobile a flow from a parietal area to the tip of a foot; is learned and followed.